20 Minute at Home Flexibility Workout

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Perform this quick at home flexibility workout, then enjoy your active rest day by doing something nonfitness-related that you enjoy.
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Because today’s workout is short and less intense, you may be tempted to skip it. Skipping workouts is not part of the Clutch Life plan. Besides, training your flexibility is just great for your muscles and your joints. If your muscles can move well through an entire range of motion, you’ll be less prone to injury. Stretching your muscles can also help them recover from tough workouts and help you prepare for tomorrow!

During the stretch series, do each exercise twice before moving on to the next one. After each 30-second set, spend 10-15 seconds shaking out your muscles before moving on.

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Ashley Conrad—celebrity trainer and the founder and CEO of Clutch Bodyshop—has created a fitness plan you can follow all day, every day. She’s not asking you to prepare your meals on Sunday and prepack them for the rest of your life. She’s not asking you to be in the gym for two hours every day. Instead, she’s developed a simple-yet-effective protocol you can adopt immediately and use forever.

Throughout Clutch Life, Ashley provides expert nutrition and supplement advice you can easily implement into your daily life. But she also goes a step further. In Clutch Life, you’ll be able to work out with Ashley and her Clutch Bodyshop athletes—in real-time!

Every day includes a video you can watch anywhere, anytime. You’ll have complete coaching and motivation right in your pocket! Best of all, many of these workouts take less than an hour, so you’ll be able to do your workouts and get on with the rest of your life.

The Clutch Life training plan is built on a series of circuits, requires minimal equipment, and is totally scalable to your fitness level. It will help you lose fat, build muscle, and even includes a specific nutrition plan for each goal!

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