Exercise Addiction

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Are you struggling with compulsive exercise, exercise addiction, over-exercise? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In this video I share my story and things that helped me find a balanced relationship to exercise. The information in this video is based off of my own personal experience and does not replace medical advice. If you are struggling with an eating disorder or exercise addiction please seek help. If you have struggled with a disordered relationship to fitness, this video is for you. If you feel anxious when you don’t exercise or feel like exercise controls your life, this video is for you. 

I wanted to film this video because more and more I see people struggle with this issue. Its pretty sad that MOST people I know struggle with a disordered relationship to fitness and their bodies. Its time we talk about this subject. GET IT OUT IN THE OPEN. And support each other in bravely moving forward towards a healthier relationship with ourselves, our bodies, and exercise.

Does this video resonate with you? In our “crazy to workout culture” its ALL TOO COMMON to become an exercise addict and develop an unhealthy need to workout. This addiction has serious health consequences for both your mind and body. Not only can you struggle with a lifetime of injury, illness, and chronic pain but your MIND also suffers with anxiety, compulsive thoughts, and depression. The only way to help yourself in HEALING is to change the BEHAVIORS and THOUGHTS that keep you addicted to fitness. Here are some of the ways Ive helped myself recover from exercise addiction to find balance:

Balance is harder than extremes. But it is possible if you practice and keep practicing. 

Please know that nonpart of this process will be easy. But it’s so worth it. You are so worth it. And you are brave enough, smart enough and strong enough to do it. You deserve to feel good. And life changes every second. So can you. 

Your body wants to be loved and accepted. Not manipulated and controlled. JUST LIKE YOU WANT TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED NOT MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED. I hope this post and video served you in some way in looking at your relationship to yourself, to fitness, and to your world. Please know that you are not alone and YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Im here for you and cheering for you. Be good to yourself my friend.


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