Good riding posture on a Spin® bike

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To get the most out of your next cycling class, it’s imperative to pay attention to your form throughout the ride, especially your posture. Studio SWEAT onDemand founder, Cat Kom, and her favorite sidekick and trainer, Bethany, are here to give you some posture pointers so that next time you get on that bike, your body is suited for the ride!

Tip 1: Make sure you’re on the widest part of the saddle (seat). If your butt is sore or feeling uncomfortable after your cycling class, it might have to do with incorrect positioning on the saddle. Next time you ride, make sure to place that tush on the widest part of the saddle, while hinging forward from your hip line, aligning your knees with your hips and feet. Consider this the most important tip since if you don’t have the proper positioning, all other body components will fall out of line and hinder your comfort during and after the workout. And when we say comfort, don’t think that means your comfort zone. We want you out of that!

Tip 2: Straighten that Spine. When it comes to your back, the spine should ALWAYS be fairly straight. Stay mindful and avoid rounding or hunching the back. Quasimodo is a no no! To get there, make sure your handlebars are an inch or 2 higher than your seat, your seat height allows your leg to fully extend without locking out, and the fore/aft position of your seat is set so that when your pedals are equal distance from the ground, you find your front knee right over the top of your shoelaces. Oh, and remember tip 1!

Tip 3: Relax Your Arms & Shoulders. You want slightly bent elbows during your ride, and keep them in line with your wrists and knees. Never lock out those elbows (Cat calls this going all chihuahua), and no flaring out those elbows (they should point more back and down). Granted, elbows and wrists get tired throughout an intense cycling session, but learn to avoid placing unnecessary strain on them by letting your shoulders roll slightly forward in a relaxed position, while keeping your chest lifted.

Tip 4: To Tuck or Not to Tuck. For those who started cycling on the road, we all know you’re a huge fan of the tuck position. Although the position may appear to be similar, some tips are necessary to perfect the ideal form in an indoor cycling class. Make sure to backup a little further than usual on the seat to really flatten out your back, and take it down one elbow at a time in order to keep those lungs wide open. This is in addition to Tips 1, 2, and 3. Can’t leave those out.

We’ve all had those moments where our elbows are out, our back isn’t completely straight, or we’re hanging onto the bike like our life depends on it, but with the proper information and setup, you’ll perfect that next cycling workout with ease since now you know exactly how to sit when Spinning®! If you’re still feeling unsure about your upper body position while cycling, just ask your instructor for some assistance before your class.

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