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Related eBooks – Mens Health and Nutrition: Men have traditionally not paid much attention to their nutrition, relative to women. This may be because men burn calories faster than women and thus do not gain weight as easily as women. But men need to realize that body weight is not the only health issue when it comes to nutrition. The amount of body fat, where it locates on your frame and the overall quality of your diet effects your health in many ways. A man can look thin but have too much body fat and the wrong diet can lead to problems, such as, heart disease even though the man appears healthy. Men tend to carry their excess weight around the middle leads to insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

Keeping body weight down is important, but it needs to be done the right way. Eating the right foods for good nutrition will boost and maintain your health by preventing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, lowering cholesterol and by boosting the bodies overall immune system. If you are a very busy person you need to be careful about skipping meals and eating on the run. People who skip meals usually over eat the wrong foods at other times which leads to weight gain and poor nutrition. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst eating habits because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast will help you control your eating for the remainder of the day and control your weight in the long run. Start the day off right with a healthy meal and you will be better prepared for the days activities and will function at a higher level.

Men generally need more protein than women especially men that are physically active. Men need to increase their protein intake in order to maintain and build muscle mass. There is a tendency to eat carbohydrate meals in the evening, but this is when men should take in most of their protein to help the body rebuild muscle during the night as the body rests.

As men age metabolism tends to decrease and so does physical activity, thus energy needs dresser. As these changes occur protein, vitamin and mineral needs become more important for maintaining immune functions and overall health. Men need to be concerned with preventing bone loss, eyesight loss, muscle loss and prevention of oxidative damage and maintenance of tissue health with antioxidant vitamins and minerals as they age.

As men age, lean muscle mass tends to be replaced by fat resulting in a decrease in calorie requirement. Eating patterns need to change or weight gain will occur. Also, maintaining an exercise routine is essential to maintaining lean muscle mass and helping maintain a faster metabolism as aging occurs.

Men also need calcium to maintain bone density just like women. In fact, 25% of men over age 50 will have osteoporosis related injuries during their lifetime.

If you are looking for reasons as to why men should pay more attention to their nutrition simply look at the changes that occur in men as they age and you will soon realize how important nutrition is to maintaining long term health for men.

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