Sunny SF-B1002 vs Sunny SF-B1805 /// Friction vs Magnetic Resistance

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Sunny SF-B1805: (price varies)
Today we’re going to look at the Sunny SF-B1002 friction resistance bike and compare it to the magnetic resistance Sunny SF-B1805. These two bikes are built very similarly, but there are many subtle differences between the two, with the big one being magnetic resistance vs friction resistance.
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I also bring two other examples of friction resistance and magnetic resistance into the picture and show how they two other form factors or exercise bike resistance compares to the sunny bikes in the spotlight. The yosuda bike has friction resistance, but it is a felt pad and the flywheel is much lighter. The joroto x2 bike has magnetic resistance but only one stack of magnets above the flywheel and in my experience this doesn’t seem to give as high of a max resistance as the way the Sunny SF-B1805 applies the magnetic resistance from the sides of the flywheel with two magnet stacks.

0:00 intro
2:40 adjustability
4:45 seats
5:15 friction resistance comments
6:10 magnetic 1805 comments
6:51 pedals
7:47 resistance knobs
8:32 handlebars
9:37 max weight
10:31 max height settings
11:33 sf-b1002 friction comments
14:42 sf-b1805 magnetic comments
15:55 sf-b1805 max resistance
16:12 sf-b1002 max resistance
17:34 sf-b1002 leg press machine
18:47 max compare
19:47 mid range resistance
20:15 physical resistance comments
21:24 sound comparison
22:56 final thoughts

The Sunny SF-B1002 has a 49lb flywheel and a leather pad which applies friction resistance to the massive flywheel. With the heavy flywheel and the massive radius this works really well and feels very smooth, especially for a physical resistance exercise bike, and overall the Sunny SF-B1002 is a great value and quality exercise bike in my opinion.

The Sunny SF-B1805 uses magnetic resistance that pinches the flywheel from the sides and feels even smoother than the Sunny SF-B1002. The max resistance on the Sunny SF-B1002 is higher than the Sunny SF-B1805, but honestly, a friction resistance bike will always have a higher max resistance than a magnetic resistance exercise bike. The question becomes, how smooth is that max resistance on the friction resistance exercise bike?

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