Top 5 Sex Exercises For Men

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Use it or lose it! If you want to keep your downstairs healthy and your sexual vitality strong, you need to exercise it! These are exercises that I personally use daily to keep my energy levels high, and my bedroom performance at optimal levels.

1. The Deer Exercise
Rub the hands together until they are warm. With the left hand, grab your package. With the right hand, rub circles around the navel clockwise 81 times. Switch hands and rub counterclockwise 81 times. Then squeeze the pelvic floor muscles (kegel) as hard as you can for 10 secs, release and do 9 more squeezes.

2. Testicle Massage
Massaging the testicles daily improves their circulation, and stimulates the production of sperm and hormones. Do this every morning!

3. Deep belly breathing
Relaxed belly breaths put you into a parasympathetic state. This is ideal for reducing stress, releasing tension in the abdomen (most people have a lot), and for increasing energy. You can do this during sex to keep yourself calm and collected, and avoid going over the edge too soon.

4. Yoga
Learn to open your groin, and you will have much better sex, as well as increased circulation to your genitals.
Check out my yoga routine for sexual health:

Qigong is a phenomenal practice, with almost unending benefits. Qigong can greatly improve sexual vitality, energy levels, and health if practiced regularly. Qigong also opens the body’s energy channels, and trains you to guide chi. This sets a solid foundation for learning to circulate sexual energy.
Check out my basic Qigong routine:

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