Weight Loss Diets A-Z

A person’s weight loss diet regimen is the amount of food and also beverage that one repeatedly eats. Weight loss is the method of trying to accomplish or keep a particular weight via diet regimen.

Much of the weight loss diet plans listed here can fall under greater than one subcategory. Where this holds true, it is kept in mind because diet plan’s entrance.
Low-calorie diet regimens.
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Buddhist weight loss diet regimen: While Buddhism does not have certain nutritional policies, some Buddhists method vegetarianism based upon a rigorous analysis of the initial of the Five Precepts. [2] Hindu and also Jain diet plans: Followers of Hinduism and also Jainism might adhere to lacto vegan diet regimens (though a lot of do not), based upon the concept of ahimsa (non-harming). [3] Islamic nutritional legislations: Muslims adhere to a diet regimen being composed exclusively of food that is halal– permitted in Islam. The reverse of halal is haraam, food that is Islamically Impermissible.
I-tal: A collection of concepts which affects the diet regimen of lots of participants of the Rastafari activity. One concept is that all-natural foods ought to be eaten.
Kosher diet plan: Food allowable under Kashrut, the collection of Jewish nutritional regulations, is claimed to be Kosher. Some foods and also food mixes are non-Kosher, and also failing to prepare food in conformity with Kashrut can make or else acceptable foods non-Kosher.
Seventh-day Adventist: Seventh-day Adventists incorporate the Kosher policies of Judaism with restrictions versus alcohol as well as caffeinated drinks and also a focus on entire foods. Regarding fifty percent of Adventists are lacto-ovo-vegetarians.
Word of Wisdom: The name of an area of the Doctrine and also Covenants, a publication of bible approved by participants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nutritional guidance consists of (1) wholesome plants “in the period thereof”, (2) consuming meat moderately as well as just “in times of winter season, or of chilly, or starvation”, as well as (3) grain as the “team of life”.
Remba/Lemba diet regimen: Remba individuals or lemba individuals are located in Southern Africa and also their diet regimen is based on their society. Their diet regimen leaves out pork.

Calorie as well as weight control diet plans
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A wish to shed weight is an usual inspiration to transform nutritional routines, as is a wish to preserve an existing weight. Several weight loss diet plans are thought about by some to involve differing levels of health and wellness threat, and also some are not commonly thought about to be efficient.

Some individuals’s nutritional options are affected by their spiritual, thoughtful or spiritual ideas.

Not all diet regimens are thought about healthy and balanced. Terms used to such consuming practices consist of “scrap food diet plan” as well as “Western diet regimen”.
Belief-based diet plans

5:2 diet regimen: a recurring fasting diet plan promoted by Michael Mosley in 2012. [10] Recurring fasting: Cycling in between non-fasting as well as fasting as a technique of calorie constraint. [11] Body permanently: A calorie-control diet regimen, advertised as part of the 12-week Body permanently program. [12] Cookie diet regimen: A calorie control diet plan in which low-fat cookies are consumed to stop cravings, frequently instead of a dish. [13] The Hacker’s Diet: A calorie-control diet regimen from The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker. Guide recommends that the secret to getting to as well as keeping the preferred weight is recognizing and also meticulously checking calories eaten as well as  exercise cycle use of.
Nutrisystem diet regimen: The nutritional component of the weight-loss strategy from Nutrisystem, Inc. Nutrisystem disperses low-calorie dishes, with particular proportions of healthy proteins, fats and also carbs.
Weight Watchers diet regimen: Foods are appointed factor worths; dieters can consume any kind of food with a factor worth supplied they remain within their day-to-day factor restriction.
Really reduced calorie diet regimens

Inedia (breatharian diet regimen): A diet regimen in which no food is eaten, based upon the idea that food is not essential for human subsistence. KE diet plan: A diet regimen in which a specific feeds with a feeding tube as well as does not eat anything.
Low-carbohydrate diet regimens
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Accident diet regimens are very-low-calorie diet plans utilized for the objective of extremely rapid weight loss. They explain diet regimen strategies that include making severe, quick adjustments to food intake, yet are likewise utilized as defaming terms for usual consuming routines which are thought about undesirable. A number of diet regimens noted below are weight-loss diet plans which would certainly likewise fit right into various other areas of this checklist.

McDougall’s starch diet regimen is a high calorie, high fiber, low fat diet plan that is based upon starches such as potatoes, rice, and also beans which leaves out all animal foods as well as included veggie oils. John A. McDougall makes use of historic monitoring of the amount of people all over the world throughout time have actually flourished on starch foods.

An extremely reduced calorie diet plan is taking in less than 800 calories per day. Such diet plans are typically complied with under the guidance of a physician.

Low-fat diet plans
Key write-up: Low-fat diet regimen  Atkins diet regimen:

Atkins diet regimen: A low-carbohydrate diet regimen, promoted by nutritional expert Robert Atkins in the late-20th as well as early-21st centuries. The Atkins diet regimen is composed of 4 stages (Induction, Maintenance, harmonizing and also fine-tuning) with a steady boost in usage of carbs as the individual goes via the stages.
Dukan Diet: A multi-step diet plan based on high healthy protein and also restricted carb usage. It begins with 2 actions meant to promote brief term weight loss, adhered to by 2 actions planned to settle these losses as well as return to an extra well balanced long-lasting diet plan.
Kimkins: A greatly advertised diet plan for weight reduction, discovered to be illegal.
South Beach Diet: Diet created by the Miami-based cardiologist Arthur Agatston, that claims that the secret to slimming down rapidly as well as obtaining healthy and balanced is not reducing all carbs and also fats from the diet plan, however selecting the ideal carbohydrates and also the appropriate fats.  Stillman diet plan: A carbohydrate-restricted diet plan that precedes the Atkins diet plan, permitting intake of details food components.

Fad diet

Beverly Hills Diet: A severe diet regimen which has just fruits in the very first days, progressively enhancing the choice of foods as much as the 6th week. Cabbage soup diet plan: A low-calorie diet regimen based on hefty intake of cabbage soup. Taken into consideration a craze diet regimen.
Grapefruit diet plan: A crash diet, planned to help with fat burning, in which grapefruit is eaten in big amounts at dish times.  Monotrophic diet plan: A diet plan that entails consuming just one food product, or one sort of food, for an amount of time to accomplish a preferred weight decrease.
Made renowned by founded guilty sex wrongdoer and also previous overweight pupil Jared Fogle, that shed 245 extra pounds after changing his dishes with Subway sandwiches as component of an initiative to shed weight.

Detoxification  weight loss diet plans

Detoxification diet plans include either not consuming or trying to purge out materials that are thought about hazardous or purposeless. Instances consist of limiting food usage to foods without chemicals or colorings, taking supplements, or alcohol consumption big quantities of water.

Juice fasting: A type of detoxification diet plan, in which nourishment is gotten exclusively from fruit and also veggie juices. The wellness ramifications of such diet plans are challenged.
Master Cleanse: A type of juice fasting.

Diet regimens adhered to for clinical factors

DASHBOARD diet regimen (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension): A referral that those with high blood stress eat big amounts of fruits, veggies, whole-grains as well as reduced fat milk foods as component of their diet regimen, and also prevent sugar sweetened foods, red meat as well as fats. Advertised by the United States Department of Health as well as Human Services, a United States federal government organisation.
Diabetic diet regimen: An umbrella term for diet regimens suggested to individuals with diabetic issues. There is significant dispute in the clinical area as to what kind of diet plan is best for individuals with diabetic issues.
Important diet regimen: A clinical, liquid-only diet regimen, in which fluid nutrients are taken in for simplicity of intake. Removal diet plan: A technique of recognizing foods which create an individual negative results, by procedure of removal.  Gluten-free diet plan: A diet plan which stays clear of the healthy protein gluten, which is discovered in wheat, rye as well as barley. It is a clinical therapy for gluten-related conditions, which consist of coeliac condition, non-celiac gluten level of sensitivity, gluten ataxia, dermatitis herpetiformis and also wheat allergic reaction.
Gluten-free, casein-free diet plan: A gluten-free diet plan which additionally stays clear of casein, a healthy protein frequently discovered in milk and also cheese. This diet regimen has actually been looked into for effectiveness in therapy of autism range problem.
Healthy and balanced kidney diet regimen: This diet regimen is for those affected with persistent kidney condition, those with just one kidney that have a kidney infection as well as those that might be experiencing from some various other kidney failing. The healthy and balanced kidney diet regimen limits huge quantities of healthy protein, which are difficult for the kidney to damage down, yet particularly restricts potassium as well as phosphorus-rich foods and also drinks. Fluid consumption is typically restricted.
Ketogenic diet plan: A high-fat, low-carb diet regimen, in which nutritional and also body fat is transformed right into power. It is utilized as a clinical therapy for refractory epilepsy.
Fluid diet plan: A diet plan in which just fluids are eaten. 49]
Low-FODMAP weight loss diet regimen: A diet regimen that is composed in the worldwide limitation of all fermentable carbs (FODMAPs).
Soft diet regimen: mechanical soft diet plan or edentulous diet regimen or soft food( s) diet plan is a diet plan that includes only foods that are literally soft, with the goal of lowering or getting rid of the need to chew the food. It is recommended for people who have trouble eating food, consisting of people with some kinds of dysphagia (trouble swallowing), the loss of many or all teeth, pain from lately adjusted oral braces, or surgical treatment entailing the jaw, mouth, or stomach system. A mechanical soft diet regimen can include several or most foods if they are mashed, puréed, chopped really small, combined with sauce or gravy, or softened in fluid.
Details carb diet plan: A diet regimen that intends to limit the consumption of intricate carbs such as discovered in grains and also complicated sugars.
Very Low Calorie Diet:  Aka. Crash diet

Alkaline diet plan

  • Alkaline diet (additionally called the alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet regimen, acid ash diet plan, as well as acid alkaline diet plan) describes a team of freely associated diets based upon the misunderstanding that different types of food can have a result on the pH balance of the body.


Child food diet planInfant food is any soft, easily eaten food aside from breast milk or infant formula that is made especially for human babies between four and six months and also two years of ages

Cabbage soup diet regimen – The cabbage soup diet regimen is an extreme weight management diet regimen created around heavy consumption of a low-calorie cabbage soup over seven days. It is generally taken into consideration a fad diet, in that it is made for short-term weight-loss and calls for no long-lasting dedication
Predator diet planregimen– The predator diet plan entails consuming just animal items. People complying with a predator diet regimen consume huge quantities of meat, such as beef, pork, offal and chicken, as well as dairy items or eggs.

Egg and also red wine diet plan

Food combining diet: A nutritional approach where certain food types are deliberately consumed together or separately. Some weight control diets suggest that carbohydrates and proteins should not be consumed in the same meal.
Fit for Life diet: Recommendations include not combining protein and carbohydrates, not drinking water at meal time, and avoiding dairy foods.
Fruitarianism  Gluten free diet, while essential for the people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, has also become a fad.

Lamb cut as well as pineapple diet regimen  Macrobiotics Early morning banana diet regimen
Paleolithic weight loss diet: Can refer either to the eating habits of humans during the Paleolithic era, or of modern dietary plans purporting to be based on these habits.
Pegan weight loss diet plan: pegan weight loss diet, a plant-rich diet plan that incorporates principles of the paleo as well as vegan diets.
Rhubarb diet plan
Superfood diet plan
Whole30 weght loss diet regimen
Low-carbohydrate/ high-fat diet plans

A trend diet regimen is a diet plan that is preferred for a time, comparable to trends in style, without being a common nutritional suggestion, as well as frequently appealing unreasonably rapid weight loss or ridiculous health and wellness enhancements. Normally, trend diet regimens assure temporary modifications with little initiatives, as well as therefore might do not have enlightening customers regarding whole-diet, entire way of life modifications essential for lasting wellness benefices. Trend diet plans are commonly advertised with overstated insurance claims, such as fast weight loss of even more than 1 kg/week or boosting wellness by “detoxing”, or also unsafe cases.

Dieteticians are a managed career that can differentiate nutritionally audio diet regimens from undesirable ones.
Food-specific diet plans

Individuals’s nutritional options are occasionally impacted by intolerance or hatred particular sorts of food. There are likewise nutritional patterns that could be advised, suggested or carried out by physician for individuals with details clinical requirements.

Bulletproof diet plan Consuming alcohol Man’s Diet
Dukan Diet
Pioppi Diet

Healthy protein Power  Rosedale diet regimen Salisbury diet regimen  Stillman diet regimen
Zone diet: A diet in which a person attempts to split calorie intake from carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a 40:30:30 ratio.
Various other high-fat versions.

The 4-Hour Body
High-carbohydrate/ low-fat diet regimens

Fluid diet plans
Cambridge Diet


KE diet plan

McDougall weight loss diet regimen
Pritikin weight loss diet : A diet which focusses on the consumption of unprocessed food.
Rice diet regimen The Good Carbohydrate Revolution
Fluid diet regimens

Not eating

5:2 diet plan

Breatharian weght loss diet: A diet based on a belief that people can sustain with spirituality and sunlight alone, but leads to starvation and devotees have been spotted eating and drinking in hiding.
Dubrow Diet

Recurring fasting 

Juice fasting 

Orthopathy Protein-sparing customized quickly
The Last Chance Diet


Triggered charcoal diet plan

Wheatgrass diet plan

Various other crash diet

: A diet regimen which primarily includes raw fruit.  Lacto vegetarianism: A vegetarian weight  loss diet that includes certain types of dairy, but excludes eggs and foods which contain animal rennet. A common diet among followers of several religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism, based on the principle of Ahimsa (non-harming).
Ovo vegetarianism: A vegan diet plan that consists of eggs, yet omits dairy products.
Ovo-lacto vegetarianism: A vegan diet regimen that consists of eggs as well as dairy products.  Vegan weight loss diet: In addition to the abstentions of a vegetarian diet, vegans do not use any product produced by animals, such as eggs, dairy products, or honey. The vegan philosophy and lifestyle is broader than just the diet and also includes abstaining from using any products tested on animals and often campaigning for animal rights.

A vegetarian diet is one which excludes meat. Vegetarians also avoid food containing by-products of animal slaughter, such as animal-derived rennet and gelatin.

Blood type diet: A diet based on a belief that people’s diets should reflect their blood types.
Immune Power Diet  Monster diet regimen
Vegan diet plans
Key post: Vegetarianism

Semi-vegetarian diet regimens

Semi-vegetarianism: A primarily vegan diet plan, in which meat is periodically taken in.  Pescetarianism: A diet plan that includes fish and shellfish, however not chicken or meat from creatures.
Pollotarianism: A diet plan that includes chicken, however not fish and shellfish or meat from animals.
Kangatarian: A diet originating from Australia. In addition to foods permissible in a vegetarian diet, kangaroo meat is also consumed.
Global health and wellness diet plan: Dietary standards that have the adhering to objectives: to feed an expanding globe’s populace, to substantially minimize the globally variety of fatalities triggered by bad diet plan, and also to be eco lasting regarding avoid the collapse of the environment.  Plant-based diet: A broad term to describe diets in which animal products do not form a large proportion of the diet. Under some definitions a plant-based diet is fully vegetarian; under others it is possible to follow a plant-based diet whilst occasionally consuming meat.

Various other weight loss diets

A team of individuals in wintertime clothes, loafing heaps of meat resting on the snow.
Sharing of icy, aged walrus meat amongst Inuit family members

Macrobiotic weight loss diet: A diet in which processed food is avoided. Common components include beans, vegetables and grains.
Mediterranean weight loss  diet: A diet based on habits of some southern European countries. One of the more distinct features is that olive oil is used as the primary source of fat.
MIND diet: combines the portions of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet. The diet is intended to reduce neurological deterioration such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Montignac weight loss diet plan: A weight-loss diet regimen qualified by eating carbs with a reduced glycemic index.  Negative calorie weight loss diet: A claim by many weight-loss diets that some foods take more calories to digest than they provide, such as celery. The basis for this claim is disputed.
Okinawa diet plan: A low-calorie diet plan based upon the typical consuming routines of individuals from the Ryukyu Islands.
Omnivore: An omnivore takes in both plant and also animal-based food.  Health food diet plan: A diet regimen being composed just of food which is natural– it has actually not been created with contemporary inputs such as artificial plant foods, genetic engineering, irradiation, or artificial preservative. Jail loaf: A dish substitute offered in some United States jails to prisoners that are not depended make use of flatware. Its structure ranges states and institutions, however as a substitute for common food, it is planned to give prisoners with all their nutritional demands.
Raw foodism: A diet which centres on the consumption of unprocessed and uncooked food. Some raw food dieters do consume raw meat.
Dreamland Diet
Slendering World diet plan
Slow-carb diet regimen
Smart For Life
Sonoma diet regimen: A diet plan based upon part control as well as focused around taking in “power foods”
SparkPeople diet plan
Sugar Busters!: Focuses on restricting the consumption of refined carbohydrates, particularly sugars.
Tongue Patch Diet: Stitching a Marlex spot to the tongue to make consuming agonizing.
Western pattern diet (WPD): ‘Default’ diet in many developed countries, especially the Anglosphere. The name is from “Western world” and is interchanged with “standard American diet” and “meat-sweet diet” due to the high amount of meat (total), red meats (particularly), dairy, sweets and refined cereals. WPDs are distinguished from other unbalanced diets by heavy inclusion of ‘junk food’ and other ultraprocessed foods that generally provide substantial; empty calories, net carbs, simple carbs, saturated fat, industrial trans fat, added sugar/free sugars, added salt, artificial flavor/sweetener and other processing ingredients.

Inuit diet regimen: Inuit individuals typically take in food that is fished, pursued or collected in your area, mainly meat as well as fish.  It includes weight counselling among other elements. The dietary aspect involves the consumption of pre-packaged food produced by the company.
Locavore diet: a neologism describing the eating of food that is locally produced, and not moved long distances to market. An example of this was explored in the book 100-Mile Diet, in which the authors only consumed food grown within 100 miles of their residence for a year.
Reduced carbon diet regimen: Consuming food which has actually been created, prepared and also transferred with a minimum of connected greenhouse gas discharges.
Low-fat diet plan

Reduced glycemic index diet regimen
Low-protein diet plan

Low-sulfur diet plan

South Beach Diet: Diet developed by the Miami-based cardiologist Arthur Agatston, who says that the key to losing weight quickly and getting healthy is not cutting all carbohydrates and fats from the diet, but choosing the right carbs and the right fats. Liquid diet: A diet in which only liquids are consumed. Blood type diet: A diet based on a belief that people’s diets should reflect their blood types. Plant-based diet: A broad term to describe diets in which animal products do not form a large proportion of the diet. MIND diet: combines the portions of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean weight loss diet.

Alkaline weight loss diet: The avoidance of relatively acidic foods– foods with low pH levels– such as alcohol, caffeine, dairy, fungi, grains, meat, and sugar.
Tidy consuming
Climatarian diet: A diet focused on reducing the carbon footprint of the consumed food, particularly through the consumption of locally sourced food and the avoidance of beef and lamb meat. Adherents may also be “organivores” (strong proponents of certified organic foods over intensively farmed foods).
Eat-clean diet plan: Focuses on consuming foods without chemicals, and also on blending lean healthy proteins with intricate carbs.

Gerson therapy: A form of alternative medicine, the diet is low salt, low fat and vegetarian, and also involves taking specific supplements. It was developed by Max Gerson, who claimed the therapy could cure cancer and chronic, degenerative diseases.
The Graham weight loss diet: A vegetarian diet which promotes whole-wheat flour and discourages the consumption of stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine. Developed by Sylvester Graham in the 19th century.
Hay diet: A food-combining diet developed by William Howard Hay in the 1920s. Divides foods into separate groups, and suggests that carbohydrates and proteins should not be consumed in the same meal.
High-protein diet plan: A diet plan in which high amounts of healthy protein are eaten with the purpose of structure muscular tissue. Not to be perplexed with low-carb diet regimens, where the intent is to slim down by limiting carbs.
High residue diet: A diet in which high quantities of dietary fiber are consumed. High-fiber foods include certain fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains.

An array of foods on a worktop. They are: tofu, wheat miso, bancha tea, umeboshi prumes wild rice, sea salt and also nori.
Some typical macrobiotic components